What can I do if my account is locked?

PayPal has complete payment solutions for online merchants who are looking for a payment service provider. Users can use the PayPal platform for both individual and business purposes. An individual account enables users to send or receive payments, pay online bills for food and other services. On the other hand, a business account helps merchants to develop a payment mechanism with PayPal to receive payments digitally. The users can check here, how to set up a PayPal account or steps to unlock a PayPal-locked account. 

Users should link a debit card or bank account with a PayPal wallet for easy payments. You should verify your identity on PayPal. Read PayPal terms and conditions to avoid the PayPal account suspension or temporarily locked. If you try to log in with the wrong user ID and Password, your account will be locked for a certain time. Hence, always use correct login credentials. 

PayPal Account Locked

Learn How to Set Up a PayPal Account?

  1. Go to official PayPal’s website.
  2. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ button on the homepage. 
  3. Now, select the account type either Personal or Business and tap the Next.
  4. Enter the phone number and enter the code received on phone to verify it.
  5. Fill in the details like your full name, and password and tap the Continue button.
  6. Provide information about your mailing address and other details, and tap the continue button.
  7. Link your debit or credit card carefully.
  8. Verify your email ID, and then go ahead to use your PayPal account.

What are the main reasons for PayPal Account Closed?

If your PayPal account is closed or locked, and you are not aware of the reason, here you can check the possible reasons for such actions:

  • An unauthorized person may be accessing your PayPal account. Hence, the PayPal account closed, to protect both recipient and sender.
  • You have violated any prescribed policy of PayPal or failed to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • You are not verified on the PayPal platform, and there is a sudden rise in transactions. 
  • Fraudulent activity or scam took place in your account.
  • If there are a high number of claims and chargebacks in your account, PayPal may lock your account temporarily.
  • Any action that does not meet the prescribed policy of PayPal, may lead to account suspension or termination.

Why would PayPal Lock my account?

PayPal locked account if there is an unusual activity with your account. Multiple login attempts with the wrong login credential may lead to account suspension temporarily. PayPal would lock your account if someone found using your account for sending or receiving payments. If there is a rapid increase in fund transactions, PayPal may close the account as a precautionary measure to protect both sender and recipient. 

Numerous claims and chargebacks also negatively impact the account. Sometimes it may be one of the reasons for the account closed. One should check PayPal notifications from time to time. PayPal warns or notifies the users if there is any violation of the policy. Users can approach PayPal support to get help in this regard.

What can I do if my account is locked?

PayPal users can recover their locked or closed accounts. Unfortunately, if your PayPal account gets locked, PayPal wants to clarify the recent transactions held with your account. In this situation, you need to contact PayPal Support. However, before approaching customer support, one should keep the following information ready to authenticate the PayPal account:

  • Your mobile number
  • The e-mail address registered with PayPal account
  • Credit card or bank statement for the account linked with PayPal account. 
What if my password has been locked or I forgot my password?

If you forgot your PayPal password, or your password has been locked, you need to set up a new password. Go through the following steps to learn about the steps to set up a new password: 

  1. Visit PayPal official website and open the homepage.
  2. Now, click on the Login button.
  3. You need to click on having trouble logging in?
  4. Then click the Recover it option.
  5. Select any one of the choices:
  7. Firstly, if you have an email address registered with PayPal, click the ‘I don’t know my password’. Now, enter your email address.
  8. Secondly, if you don’t have access to your email ID, then click on ‘I don’t know either one’. You can enter up to 3 email IDs that might have linked to your PayPal account. 
  9. Here, you have to enter the code given in the image.
  10. Tap the Continue button and follow the prompts. 
Why does PayPal send emails about closing the account?

PayPal sends notifications through e-mail about closing the account if someone does not operate the account for some time. If you act promptly, you can activate your account. You need to click on the ‘Keep the account’ button available in the e-mail that you received. Follow the instructions and activate your PayPal account. 

You can recover your account even if you forgot the password. Reset the password using your mobile number and e-mail address. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

PayPal suspends the account temporarily if there is unauthorized use of the account, account limits are exhausted, and the account is inactive. Higher risk activities like a higher number of claims and chargebacks, rapid increase in the transactions, and other unusual activity, lead to suspension of the account.

Account locked or limitations may prevent you from sending or receiving money and withdrawal of funds. These are the security measures, which protect both sellers and buyers. The time for account locked is depending on the type of issues, which resulted in account limitation. One should contact PayPal support to get help.

 PayPal closes the account for security reasons. However, users can access the account by contacting customer support. One must have a phone number, e-mail ID and bank account statement so that PayPal can verify your identity.

If your PayPal gets locked for any reason, you can recover it. Visit the official PayPal's website and click on Contact Us. Now, you can find the solution here. Search your queries and find the solutions.You will there Call us button, click on it. Now, you can contact customer service on the given number.

 PayPal temporarily holds the disputed amount and lock the account if there is a negative balance. You need to approach customer support and accordingly, add funds to your PayPal or bank account. 

Your funds are safe with PayPal. Unlock your account and access your money. Keep phone number, e-mail ID and recent statement of the linked bank account ready for reference. PayPal may ask you about this information to ascertain your PayPal identity. Simply contact customer support as per the instructions given in this article above.