PayPal is known as the best option for transferring money online and buying or selling products. With time PayPal is increasingly replacing paper options such as checks and money orders. But still, there is one more feature that users are not aware of on Paypal- the plastic money in the form of debit and credit cards. Like any traditional bank, Paypal lets its users manage their money using different debit, credit, or prepaid Paypal cards. And it is pretty easy to get a PayPal prepaid card. Moreover, users can add money to prepaid cards in a hassle-free manner.

You will be able to access all the features of the PayPal cards immediately after applying, and once this card arrives in the mail, you can activate it following a few simple steps. Before we proceed to know how to activate a prepaid PayPal card online? It is imperative to know how does PayPal prepaid cards work?

What is a paypal prepaid card?

A PayPal card is a Mastercard issued by Bancorp Bank, member FDIC; this card is linked with your PayPal account. This card works like any other debit card and is accepted wherever a MasterCard works. When you use a PayPal prepaid card, through direct deposit, you will get the monthly paychecks two days earlier.

Additionally, you can get access to a high-yield saving account through Bankcorp Bank that earns interest of up to 5% APY on a balance of up to $1000. And you can earn up to 2% cashback at selected stores when you opt-in to the payback rewards program. Suppose you are already actively using a PayPal business account. In that case, there are many benefits of the PayPal MasterCard card that you may take- such as connecting with your account, getting the best cashback rewards for prepaid customers. 

Where can I get a Paypal prepaid Mastercard?

It is free to order a PayPal prepaid MasterCard; you can order online or visit the retail location to buy a temporary PayPal prepaid card. Yes, it is true; a PayPal prepaid card can be purchased from any retail store depending on the retail store. But as soon as you get this card, you won’t be able to use it; you will have first to activate it following specific steps on your mobile phone. 

Let’s first learn how you can get a debit card on PayPal:-

  • Open the Paypal app, log into your business account. 
  • Select the option the link your bank account
  • Then proceed with steps to Add card 
  • Complete the verification of your email id, phone number and identity
  • Then select the option of Apply Now for paypal debit card
  • Enter your billing address, zip code, and many other details. 
  • Confirm the order, and not wait for -10 business days; you will get your Prepaid card. 

How to activate a PayPal cash card ? 

If you follow the steps mentioned, you will get the debit card from Paypal within the specified time. Now it’s time to activate the PayPal cash card. There are different ways for activating a PayPal MasterCard. You can activate it on the mobile app, official website or reach out the customer support. You can follow the preferred ways you want. So to take the maximum benefits of a PayPal prepaid card, you must follow the below-mentioned steps for PayPal card activation:

  • Go to the official site of the paypal or open the mobile app. 
  • Sign to your account with your id and password 
  • It will promo you to enter the card expiration date (it will be mentioned on the backside of your card above your name. 
  • Click on the Activate Card button. 
  • You need to create a 4 digit PIN for your paypal cash card on the next page, so click the “Create PIN” tab. 
  • Once you follow these simple steps, your paypal cash card will be activated; now, you can add money to your card. Just hit on the Add Money Now button, enter the amount and proceed. 

Conclusion: To conclude, it is pretty simple to get a PayPal debit card and activate it. Moreover, you can add money to your PayPal Mastercard in a hassle-free manner. Hopefully, you will get a brand new PayPal cash card and access all its features.


No, it is not a credit card. The PayPal prepaid card and PayPal card both are debit cards. 

Yes, you can get the PayPal prepaid MasterCard online, using the mobile phone or the official website of PayPal. You can also get this debit card at various locations. 

There are several options for reloading PayPal prepaid card - balance transfer, direct deposit, and adding money by visiting a Netspend store.

The PayPal transfer limit is up to $300 per day.