Xoom Money Transfer: How to send money from PayPal to Xoom Account?

Xoom is a popular money transfer tool that enables users to send or receive payments digitally. It is a PayPal service and is available in most countries. Users can use this digital wallet to send money to friends, family, and other Xoom or PayPal account holders worldwide. It is one of the best and secure payment platforms for online payments. Users have a range of options with Both online payment solutions. In this article, we will learn about Xoom Money Transfer, and how to send money from PayPal to Xoom wallet.

Before starting with Xoom, one must understand, how both are correlated. After that, you can create a Account and send or receive payment with ease. Learn how to set up a Xoom account and how Xoom PayPal works.

How to Create a Xoom PayPal Account?

To create a Xoom PayPal account, the user needs to complete the sign-up process. You need to follow the steps mentioned below to create a Xoom account:

  1. Visit the official Xoom website, i.e. www.xoom.com.
  2. At the homepage, tap the Sign Up link.
  3. Sign up page will display on the screen when you can see three options as below:
  4. Log In with PayPal
  5. Sign Up with PayPal
  6. Log in with Xoom
  7. If earlier registered with PayPal, click on the ‘Log In with PayPal’ link.
  8. Otherwise, tap on the ‘Sign Up with PayPal’ link. 
  9. Now, select your Country/Region from the drop-down menu.
  10. Enter the phone number in the given box and tap the Next button.
  11. Follow all the instructions and create your Xoom PayPal account.

Note: To open a both account, the user must be at least 18 years old and should agree with the Terms and Conditions.

How can I Login my Xoom PayPal Account?

On completion of the sign-up process, users will get login credentials. Now, users can easily log in to the Xoom PayPal account. Here you must understand when you are creating a Xoom Account, you are basically creating a PayPal Account. Follow the steps mention below to log in your Account:

  1. You need to visit the official Xoom website.
  2. The homepage will display, find the Sign In button and tap the same.
  3. Xoom login page will open, and it consists of three options:
  4. Log In with PayPal
  5. Log In with Xoom
  6. Sign up PayPal
  7. Tap on the ‘Log In PayPal’ or ‘Login with Xoom’ link if you have PayPal Account.
  8. Otherwise, click on the ‘Sign Up with PayPal’ link, and follow sign up procedure as described above.

How does Xoom Money Transfer Work?

Xoom money transfer can be completed in a few simple steps. You should know that Xoom is a PayPal product, and users can log in to their account using PayPal login details. There is no requirement of creating two separate accounts on both platforms. In simple words, we can say that when you create a account, it is directly linked with a PayPal account. The same wallet is used for both platforms. The users can use the following services with Xoom:

  • Transfer money to the recipient’s Xoom account or bank account 
  • Send Cash for pick up or home delivery
  • Make a payment of international bills.
  • Recharge prepaid mobile phones

Users can send international payments through a PayPal account after logging in to the account. If you don’t have a Xoom account, create the same using a PayPal account. After setting up an account, tap on ‘Pay and Get Paid’. Select either send to a bank account or send cash for pick up. Follow the instruction and complete the process.

How do I cancel my Xoom Transaction?

If you send money to someone using Xoom transfer, but later you want to cancel the same for any reason. Remember, you can only cancel a transaction on Xoom if it is in progress. Otherwise, once the payment is successful, it not be canceled. To cancel a transaction, the users need to follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Xoom PayPal account.
  • Go to the Track Transaction Page.
  • All the transactions will open on the screen.
  • Select the particular transaction that you want to cancel.
  • Now, select Cancel Transaction and proceed.
How can I transfer money from PayPal to Xoom?

It is one of the most tricky questions that every user frequently asked. If you are not well versed with both Platform, this type of question will raise in your mind. Therefore, you need to understand the functioning of Xoom and PayPal to know exactly how Xoom transfer works for PayPal to Xoom.

There is no separate wallet for both. Whenever a user set up a Xoom Account, it is automatically linked to PayPal. Hence, the user can use the PayPal login credentials to access the account. Once you access your account, you can easily transfer money. Learn how can you pay with your PayPal account below.

How Can I Pay with my PayPal account?

You can complete your Xoom paying using a debit card, bank account or credit card. Since Xoom is a PayPal service, you can also use your PayPal balance and other payment methods available in your PayPal account. First login to your PayPal account as per the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Login Page.
  2. Tap on ‘Use PayPal to Log In’.
  3. Now, enter the PayPal login credentials.
  4. You are set to proceed.

If you access Xoom via a link in your PayPal account, you are ready to go. After login, you can proceed to make payment using a bank account, credit card or debit card saved in your PayPal account. 

Conclusion: Xoom is a PayPal service, and hence if you want to use Account for making payments, login to your PayPal account. Xoom money transaction is practically a PayPal transfer. The user can login to the account and use a debit card, bank account or credit card to make a fund transfer. 

The users can transfer money to a xoom account or bank account in an easy manner. Recharge your prepaid mobile phone, and make international bill payments also. The most important feature is that user can also send cash for pick up or home delivery.